Canada, Keeping it Clean and Green

Canada, Keeping it Clean and Green

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From the West Coast to the East Coast – Canada is going greener

Canadians love nature because there is a whole lot to love – majestic mountains on the west coast to the the Great Lakes and the beautiful breathtaking shores of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Most Canadians live in cities, but, from hiking, camping, canoeing and rock-climbing to boating, skating and skiing, the great outdoors is never too far away.

Canadians have become some of the most environmentally conscious people on earth.  Almost 80% of Canadian electricity comes from environmentally friendly sources.  From wind power in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, to Quebec, a hydroelectric juggernaut, utilizes over 1800 wind turbines to generate electricity.

Vancouver has become one of the planet’s greenest cities, with further plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 33% by 2020.  Calgary has a reduction policy plan of 30-in-30 to reduce the average household’s water consumption by 30% over a 30 year period.  Toronto and Halifax led the way for curbside pickup of recyclables and organic waste, most Canadian cities now offer the service.

More than 6% of Canadians are biking or walking to work, getting the bonus of exercise and reducing fossil fuel vehicle commutes.

Canadian homes are going greener

Canadian homes are increasingly becoming more environmentally friendly.  On water consumption, toilets, showers, the porcelain bowl has long been been one of the most wasteful water users around, old flush toilets used to use 22 L of water per flush. – newer affordable high-efficiency toilets only use about 6 L for a flush. The dual-flush models, use 6 L for solid waste and a measly 3 L for liquid waste. reduce water consumption even further.

Canada celebrates 150 years since confederation in 2017, a great reason to love and appreciate Canada, the natural beauty and a big bonus, all national parks are free for everyone.

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