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Hi Everyone,

My name is Claudio and I live in southwestern Ontario, Canada.  I am passionate about a few things – one of the things at the top of my list is our Environment.

My parents were born in the 30’s and I, along with two brothers (my wife too) were born in the late 50’s and 60’s.  I laugh (but really want to cry) when our parents and others form their generation say that the youth of today is reinventing environmental awareness and programs that they intuitively practiced.  They argue that their practices are common sense that sadly are not that common today.

The past….

I do remember fondly during my youth that everything my parents did was to optimize resources and reduce waste.  We harvested our own livestock, had backyard hens for our eggs and worked hard on a backyard garden (on which we used the manure from the livestock to fertilize) that always produced enough fruit and vegetables to cover us through the winter with enough extra to share with our many neighbors, friends and family.  We held many garage sales, food, book and clothes exchanges.  We used push mowers, shovels to till the garden and move snow and were happy to walk our City to get to school, church, the grocery store, the movie theater and to visit friends and family.

Recycling, Reusing and Reducing was ingrained in us at a very young age – but as a generation mired in the drive for personal conveniences and the booming mass marketing that sold it to us, we swayed from our path.  It is unfortunate that the impact of our harmful and wasteful ways has had to come from data collected by science and the impacts of a growing Global population.  I call this our wake up call.

So my journey back started a few years ago…..

Our family has been staunch supporters of our Regional Government`s initiatives to reduce waste and recycle. We have black and green bins for organic waste, blue bins for recyclables and limits on garbage.   I have become known as the “Attila the Hun” of of proper waste disposal methodology with friends and family.

We installed a bin system in our kitchen years ago to separate organic, recyclables and garbage.  I admit, when we have people over for get together’s, I do police where they are disposing of things.  Some of my guests appear to have a look of fear in their eyes when they ask the proper stream for the waste if they are not sure.  I have helped many of them install the same bin system in their homes, get a black compost bin and shared many ideas on how to get back to that common sense.  In conjunction with water and energy conservation initiatives, food choices and a mindset of buying used or borrowing versus buying whenever possible, I believe that we are back on the track of that common sense.

Why I created this site…

As a rule, I am a constant searcher for improvements in all undertakings.   As far as the Environment, I am constantly searching for ways to be Greener.  I’m especially interested in innovative methods and products that are of benefit in making less of a detrimental impact on our planet.  I created this site in an effort to share experiences, lessons learned in the past and new valuable information that we discover.  My objective is to deliver the right information and motivation to create a Greener world.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below,  we love to hear your views and are here to help if we can.  Please make do come back and visit for updates, new tips and and advice.

I am hopeful that this site is of assistance and I wish you all the best on your Green initiatives.

See you soon…


Claudio- Founder of  Easy to be Greener


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