It seems a shame that after making an effort to eat locally grown meat, vegetables and fruit we end up trucking our spoils to landfill when we could be feeding them back to the earth. Composting is a natural process of decomposing of organic waste, material like leaves, fruit and vegetable scraps which turns them … [Read more…]

Reduce, Reuse and Recycling at Home

We should all strive to ensure that our resources are conserved, collected and recycled in a circular economy.  Doing your part in reducing waste can be easy. Our Region is moving to make manufacturers and first importers of products and packaging responsible for recovery programs. instead of sending the waste to landfill, or to be incinerated.  The Goal is … [Read more…]

The “Green” Building

A “Green” building: A true green home starts with optimum design. It is well insulated and faces south to optimize passive heat gain. Energy efficient buildings generating their power needs from solar, wind power or geothermal help substantially with green living. Use local and reclaimed materials whenever possible: The true green buildings start at the … [Read more…]

Save Green with these 10 Easy Ways to Go Green

Welcome to   Climate change remains in the news.  Recent events around the Paris Accord showcase how many individuals and Industry are willing to lead the charge even if Government is shifting away from Global Agreements.   I am convinced that our grandchildren and their children will be thankful for us in opting to … [Read more…]

To be green or not to be green?

Green is the color. Green is synonymous with the growth of most vegetation on our plant. The fauna of nature is predominantly green. The landmasses of our planet have a green hue as observed from the heavens above. We want to keep it green to sustain life. Reuse, recycle and reduce. Unfortunately there is so … [Read more…]

Canada, Keeping it Clean and Green

Canada, Keeping it Clean and Green Source Reliance Home comfort JUNE 4, 2017 From the West Coast to the East Coast – Canada is going greener Canadians love nature because there is a whole lot to love – majestic mountains on the west coast to the the Great Lakes and the beautiful breathtaking shores of … [Read more…]