In our quest to be a more sustainable society we aim for Waste reduction.  Ideally we achieve this by reducing the amount of waste that we produce by eliminating the creation of waste in the first place. Our goal is to implement waste reduction in an effective, safe and sustainable manner.

Local city and municipal waste management initiatives for the most part are focused on processing waste (reduce, recycle or waste to energy) after it is produced.  This is a significant challenge as a primary focus of any cost effective Waste Management initiative is Waste minimization.


Change is a key element of waste minimization – Product production processes and product redesigns aimed to minimize or eliminate waste but still creating the same commercial output.  In a perfect scenario the cradle to grave mentality is applied utilizing in depth product knowledge of the process from the beginning (extraction from the earth) to their return to earth.   

Individually we can take the reduction approach and apply the mindset of considering the life cycle of the products that we acquire – The best choices are the ones that facilitate getting back to earth.

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